Uber and UberEats

Ever thought of a good idea you think would make money? Then for whatever reason dismissed it, maybe due to the lack of funds, time and or energy.

You’re not alone, thousands of great ideas never see the light of day. But every once in a while comes a person with an idea and they are determined to bring it to life.

Such was the case of Garret Camp and Travis Kalanick the founders of Uber technologies in 2009. And then added UberEats in 2014.

UberEats was first introduced in Santa Monica, California. Then quickly expanded to include Chicago, New York and Barcelona.

What is UberEats and how does it work? Its simple UberEats teams up with restaurants in different cities to offer a wide variety of cuisines, whether your looking for breakfast, lunch or dinner.

You just download the UberEats app to your i phone or android. Then order and pay including an optional gratuity, you can use your credit/ debit card that is pr-registered with UberEats.

The app detects your location and displays all the restaurant open in your area at that time. When you’ve placed your order you are notified of the price and delivery charge.

You can then track your delivery status on your phone. All orders are delivered by couriers using cars, bikes and some even on foot. It is simple, quick and easy.

Of course not all good ideas work out this well. You must have a need for your product and of course the money for start up and even then there is no guarantee.

UberEats is a growing thriving business, its a good example of a person who took their idea and made it a reality.

Although it started small, over the course of the last few years it has become available in numerous cities. Maybe in the very near future UberEats will be available in your city if it’s already there.