Kickstarter is an American corporation in Brooklyn, New York. The company’s mission is to bring creative projects to life, by maintaining a global crowdfunding platform.

Kickstarter is enormous, over 10 million people have backed a kickstarter project. They come from every walk of life and every continent on earth.

The company measures their success, not by profits but how well they achieve their mission. In 2015 they became a benefit corporation.

Thereby becoming obligated to consider the impact on society for every decision they make. Also lay out specific goals and commitments, in helping projects come to life.

Kickstarter is an independent company of 131 people working together, connecting people around inspiring projects, and they have fun doing it.

Between them they have backed 34,000 projects. From their launch in April 2009 a lot has taken place. For instance one project even won an Oscar.

Kickstarter has grown from a single idea on how to help people develop their creative ideas. Each project must be something new and creative to share with others.

These projects must have a clear goal, like making a book, work of art or album. It has to eventually be complete and something must be produced.

A project is defined as a finite work with a clear precise goal that will be brought to life. The funding is the amount needed to complete the creators project.

Funding is either all or nothing. No one is charged for a pledge unless they reach the funding goal. This way the budget is already available before moving forward.

Backer are the people who pledge their money, so they may join the creator in working to bring their project idea to life.

When it comes to rewards the creators has a chance to share with their backer community by offering a piece of their project.

Typically these pieces are one of a kind, limited editions or even copies of their creative work that they have produced.

Kickstarter is a great idea allowing a person to produce their creative project with the total funding they need to see it through and bring it to life.