PicoCommonly referred to as the The Keurig beer maker, this innovative machine was launched by ex Microsoft president Bill Mitchel who is co-founder of Pico brew. Mitchel also helped introduce Zymatic in 2013, a table top brewing machine.

This new machine is simply known as Pico. The device can brew 5 litre batches of beer in a relatively short amount of time. The Pico uses pods, similar to the Keurig coffee maker, and the pods are the biggest advantage of the machine. Instead of loading up the loose ingredients, you simply have to put in the contents of the pod and some yeast (which comes in a separate pod) and the device makes beer.

The machine itself weights around 30 lbs and is about the size of a large microwave, the device does not contain the “mini keg” where the beer is stored so your counter must be large enough to accommodate that too.

Imagine craft beer at the push of a button! Simply slot the pods into the device and it works out what kind of beer it’s dealing with and also allows you to adjust alcohol contents and bitterness. Now, granted, you wont be able to drink the beer right away, as just the brewing process takes two hours and then you will need to transfer the mixture to a keg then add the yeast.

Once this is done you must wait one week, then carbonate the beer and transfer it to a drinking keg, then place in the fridge to cool – you can then enjoy it at your leisure.

The Pico is priced significantly lower than it predecessor the Zymatic, but also brews a smaller amount of beer as the Zymatic could brew 9.5 litres at one time. So if your are a fan of craft beer and you want to give it a try, a Pico may be a good choice for you, the Pico pak pods are available from over 50 breweries and are around $19 for 5 litres.

Kickstarter is a funding platform for creative projects. Everything from technology, movies, electronics and more. Kickstarter is full of ambitious, creative and inventive projects that are brought to life by the direct support of people like you. Since it was launched in 2009, over 2 billion dollars has been pledged by more than 10 million people funding over 100,000 projects.

So it begins with a project and the funding goal is the amount of money the creator needs to complete the project. Backers are people who pledge money to join the creator in bringing his idea to life. This kickstarter program was used to start the Pico beer machine, one advantage of being a backer is that by pledging your money you are able to pre-order the item at a reduced price before its completed and hit the market.

Hope you enjoyed our short look at this startup, stay tuned our next installment!